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The math is easy: lower cost of living = lower cost of business.

Advantages | Low Business Costs

The average cost of living across our 10-county region is lower than the national average. A lower cost of living means lower wages. And Florida’s pro-business climate can help your company easily reach its growth goals. Combine those factors with the region’s affordable land and Florida’s zero percent personal income tax, and you’ve hit the jackpot.

Less than 21% of annual household incomes are more than $100,000.

(Region's Median HHI = $49,118)

On top of that, Florida’s Opportunity Zone program fosters long-term economic development through reduced, deferred, and in some cases, tax-free capital gains.

Incentives extend from the state down to the county level. Local incentives from any of our ten counties can include Ad Valorem Tax exemption, specialized training grants, streamlined permitting, and more.


We’re redefining opportunity!

Opportunity Florida can help you make the most of our regional advantages and incentives. There’s so much going on in our quiet little neck of the woods. Opportunity is here - you should be too!

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