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Advantages | Prepared Workforce

The Opportunity Florida region offers businesses a workforce of more than 125 thousand strong. As important, the needs of local businesses and industries help guide and define career training options. Our nine community colleges, technical schools, and eight high school career academies provide a regional training pipeline of ready-to-work talent.

Certifications in Auto & Diesel Mechanics, Building Tech, Engineering Tech, Robotics, Welding, CDL Training, and more continue to grow a skilled labor pool across the region’s 10 counties.

Discover a region centered firmly around manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and value-added agriculture.

Employment/Labor Data by County

County Population Labor Force Unemployment Rate
Calhoun 13,805 4,726 3.0%
Franklin 17,711 4,914 2.4%
Gadsden 43,679 17,728 3.5%
Gulf 14,570 5,163 2.5%
Holmes 19,914 7,628 2.9%
Jackson 48,010 17,565 3.0%
Liberty 7,950 2,570 3.0%
Wakulla 35,054 16,368 2.3%
Walton 81,442 36,769 2.4%
Washington 25,783 9,754 3.0%
Total 467,318 125,005 2.8% Average


Total Employees by Major Standard Industrial Classification

Industry Classification Count % of Total
Agricultural, Forestry, Fishing 01-09 2,625 2.6%
Mining 10-14 168 .17%
Construction 15-17 8,310 8.23%
Manufacturing 20-39 4,138 4.1%
Transportation and Communications 40-49 4,943 4.89%
Wholesale Trade 50-51 2,265 2.24%
Retail Trade 52-59 19,647 19.45%
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 60-69 8,008 7.93%
Services 70-89 40,043 39.64%
Public Administration 90-98 10,880 10.77%


Businesses will find a ready workforce and employers centered strongly around manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and value-added agriculture.

High school training academies prepare students for careers aligned with local economic needs.

Community colleges and technical schools offer Associate degrees and Certifications in mechanics, technology, robotics, and more.

Universities offer four-year and Graduate degrees, including engineering and research studies. 


High School Graduation Rate


Post High School Degree


Median Household Income

Free Employee Training

CareerSource – one of the state’s highest-performing workforce organizations – connects businesses with qualified employees – at no cost. From centers across the state, CareerSource ensures employers can access the best available people and helps employees increase their earning potential by providing access to marketable skills.

CareerSource Chipola
serves Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, and Washington counties

CareerSource Capital Region
serves Gadsden, Wakulla, and Leon counties

CareerSource Gulf Coast
serves Gulf, Franklin, and Bay counties

CareerSource Okaloosa-Walton
serves Walton and Okaloosa counties

We’re redefining opportunity!

Opportunity Florida can help you make the most of our regional advantages and incentives. There’s so much going on in our quiet little neck of the woods. Opportunity is here - you should be too!

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