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Redefine rural as the home of cost-effective global reach.

Advantages | Access to Markets

Our miles of wide, open space provide the distribution and logistics network of roads, railroads, and ports that can cost-effectively ship your goods. From here, you can easily transport products to a wide range of domestic and international customers, with easy access to major cities and consumer markets. The cost of doing business in Northwest Florida becomes even less by lowering transportation costs.

Reach the south within a day by truck, the entire U.S. by rail, and the world by ocean carrier.

Location gives you a strategic advantage!


  • Interstate 10 – connecting Jacksonville to LA – runs through the region.
  • Multiple state highways let you move north efficiently.
  • Nearby deep-water Port Panama City and three other deep-water ports, sit within 250 miles.
  • Florida Gulf and Atlantic rail line runs east and west, with direct connections to deep-water ports in Jacksonville, Mobile, and Pensacola.
  • Bay Line Railroad runs directly to Port Panama City and offers northern connections to CSX and Norfolk Southern.
  • Daily non-stop flights to Atlanta from nearby Dothan Regional Airport
  • International airports in Pensacola and Jacksonville



From here, you can easily reach the southeast – and more – in a 12-hour drive.

We’re redefining opportunity!

Opportunity Florida can help you make the most of our regional advantages and incentives. There’s so much going on in our quiet little neck of the woods. Opportunity is here - you should be too!

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