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The Opportunity Florida region provides companies the stability they need to expand and grow.

Targets | Manufacturing

Northwest Florida’s strategic Gulf Coast location connects companies to the U.S. and the world with outstanding road, rail, and port access, making it a desirable location for various manufacturers.

Across our ten designated Opportunity Zone counties, this robust sector spans a wide variety of products – from ice cream and caviar to precast concrete and wood pellets to temperature sensors for space travel and beyond. The region's manufacturing base is substantial, with more than 200 companies generating almost half a billion in annual revenue. Our skilled and dedicated talent pool supports hundreds of jobs in these industries.

Together we’re redefining Northwest Florida’s economic landscape.

Strategic Advantages

Related Employers

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  • Catalyst Fabric Solutions
  • WestPoint Home
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Skyborne Technology
  • Rex Lumber
  • CDS Concrete

Reach the south in a one-day haul, the entire U.S. by rail, and the world by ocean carrier.


We’re redefining opportunity!

Opportunity Florida can help you make the most of our regional advantages and incentives. There’s so much going on in our quiet little neck of the woods. Opportunity is here - you should be too!

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